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Karma and Dharma in Dreams
In dreams karma and dharma are usually shown as a choice. Karma is a male (not to be confused with man's) approach to life and is represented by the number 5 (learning about yourself through the 5 senses). A classic image of karma in a dream is somebody looking into a black mirror. In a symbolic sense this represents negativity reflecting back onto itself. Dharma is a female approach to life and is represented in dreams by the number 6 (having gone beyond the 5 senses). Dreams about short journeys with illogical connections also indicate dharma.
Look for choices between karma and dharma. Common techniques are choices between getting the number 5 or number 6 bus to go home. Taking the right-hand turn at a Y-junction or T-junction on a road chooses karma - the left turn chooses dharma. A rocky or steep path upwards also indicates karma. Dreams will always encourage you to develop your female side through expression of the heart so that you can switch to a dharmic path and so return 'home' more quickly.
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