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There is no acceptable definition of organic dream. In 1952, Eugene Aserinsky discovered REM sleep while working in surgery, medical consultant. Aserinsky heart fluttered under the eyes of old in their closed eyelids, later with a polygraph machine to record their brain waves during this period. He woke up a topic meeting, crying and screaming during REM and confirmed his suspicion that it would be a dream. Aserinsky published in 1953 and his advisers, hackers learn science.

Accumulated observation shows that dreams of a rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, which electroencephalogram shows brain activity, as a guard. Participants Nonremembered ecumenical translation dreams during non-REM sleep are normally more than national. During a typical duration, a person who passes for a total of six years (two hours a night dreaming). Most dreams last only 5-20 minutes. It is not known to occur in the brain, where dreams, if a single source of dreams or if they have been involved in some part of the brain, or what is the purpose of the dream of body or mind.

During REM sleep, the release of several neurotransmitters is entirely printed. As a result of the motor ecumenical translation nerve cells are stimulated, a condition called REM atonia. This will prevent dangerous movements of the body because of dreams.

Animals have complex dreams and are able to remember a long sequence of events, while they slept. Research shows that different types of mammals and birds follow the experience of REM sleep, and the range of the human being itself is silent.

Despite their power to confuse, scare us or amuse us you that dreams are often ignored by the general models of cognitive psychology. Just as methods of introspection to replace more objective methods are aware of the social sciences in 1930 and in 1940 refused to dream studies from literature. Dreams are directly observed from Trier issues were still a dream "credible reports that remember the victims of the known problems of bias due to delay, if it has been mentioned at all. After Sigmund Freud, dreams are too often forgotten, probably because of their illegality. Total these issues beyond the scope of science.

The discovery that dreams can be, particularly in the course of a single Electro - physiological state of sleep, rapid eye movement (REM) sleep, which can be identified, managed on the basis of objective criteria, re interested in this phenomenon. When he awoke, the duration of REM sleep in their reports results for the main themes of editing or password, you may experience over time, it was found that subjects showed exactly the time to sleep, decided the narracionin dream is to increase the duration of REM sleep before awakening. This close correlation between REM sleep and dream experience was the basis of the first series of reports on the nature of the dream that phenomenon night regular, but random, high frequency activity that occurs over a period of sleep is all about intervals of 60 90 minutes each, in which people across the lifespan. Chapters dreams of REM sleep that accompany them to expand gradually into the night, the first chapter, a measure of short duration of 10-12 minutes, and episodes of the second and third adult in 15-20 minutes. Later dreams may be another 15 minutes, although this vacation ends as separate stories under immediate excitement experienced as sleeping at night. Dream reports of healthy subjects, over 50% of reported incidents, when they wake up before the end of the first dream you had. This increase in the rate of attracting about 99% when the awakening from the dream of becoming the last night. Remember, this growth can be seen growing vitality of the night, in dreams, images, colors and emotions associated with them. Dreams in itself is a recent history of REM far from reality, with the most bizarre elements, and these qualities with the best chance of spontaneous awakening is accompanied revivals allows verification that increase the chance of remembering the last dream.


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